Saturday, June 28, 2008

Packing the Truck Day!!!

Okay, I'm mush today. This morning at 9:00 a.m., there will be 3 burly men ready to pack my truck (which, by the way, I still have to pick up and DRIVE to my house . . . .). Anyway, my oldest daughter, Shannon (I call her Sarg because she's a Staff Sargeant in the Air Force and believe me -- I know how the recruits feel now!!! HAHAHAHA) has been a TREMENDOUS help with all this packing. I probably won't be able to post again (on purpose rather than me just not getting time) until after I'm set up in Rock Hill sometime after July 5th. I'll keep track of the going's on we have on the road.

I attended my last meeting at Mile High Stampers this month and they were so sweet to get me a cake that said, "We'll Miss You Wanda" on it. These are a GREAT group of ladies who are VERY talented!!! We were taking pictures when Rochelle noticed a hand-made portapotty. She said I needed a picture on it for prosperity's sake. We took the picture and Mia said it should be captioned "It's Been Fun, But It's Time to Go! (Hopefully, she was referring to the fact I was looking at the catty that will be retiring!!!)" HAHAHAHA See the attached picture.
Take care everyone and I'll see you later!!!

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